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Loan Originators

Briefly, C2 Financial provides the foundation for experienced loan originators to diversify and optimize their loan origination.

C2 Financial partners with seasoned and licensed originators who don’t need their hand held, and don’t want their hand held. Our originators are not bothered with unnecessary meetings and are not micromanaged. They simply want a platform of lender relationships, compliance, tools, resources, and competitive rates to optimize their personal origination practice.

C2 provides all of this, in addition to the freedom to place loans with the lender of your choice without any corporate manipulation or influence.

As the #1 broker in the nation (based on units and volume), we obtain preferred pricing and services from our top wholesale lenders. They roll out the red carpet for us and the originators affiliated with us. And best of all, all the preferred pricing we receive gets passed directly along to the originator, and therefore the end client, the borrower. We don’t pad or splice it up in any way.

The only thing we do dictate is compliance which of course protects you, us, and the client.

Some C2 originators work from a home office, others work from commercial space they lease. Just depends on the person and their set up.